Standing On An Apple box – The Story Of A girl Among The Stars


Standing on an apple box –  Memoir of the superstar’s daughter with a foreword from Shweta Bachchan, another star kid.

When you’ve grown up seeing Rajnikanth as a demi-God, how could you even miss anything that’s about him and that comes from his very own daughter? That’s how the book “Standing on an apple box” was added to the ‘to-be-read’list

Standing on an apple box

Author: Aishwaryaa Rajnikanth

Publisher : HarperCollins

Pages:  170

Format: Hardcover

Kindleandkompass Rating: 4/5

Memoirs are usually considered to be boring and hence less preferred. But, would it be boring when Aishwaryaa writes about her life as Rajnikanth’s daughter!?

One clear point before we get started with the review – this book is not ALL about the superstar, but the snippets of information about him will make you smile.

“Standing on an apple box” tells you the fond memories of a superstar’s kid, wife of another versatile actor, mother of 2 boys, the good will advocate for the United Nations, dancer and the list goes on. Her book is as multi-faceted as she is. It is like reading from a person’s diary, honest and real. She puts it straight from her heart.

The book is a collection of candid incidents from her life. Her early days in Bangalore, moving to Madras, her love for the Marina, aspirations to become lawyer, marrying a star, her Appa’s philosophies and ideologies (yet again proves him to be a humble human being), her working experiences with her brother -in-law , the tinsel town tales(without calling out the name of the protagonists). All this penned with ease and style. Nothing exaggerated, nothing artificial.


She tells us how the life of a celebrity kid is as normal as us. The same 24 hours a day, mundane chores, work, family issues, struggles and arguments. She sounds very much like the girl next door, except that we know her as a star kid who is always scrutinized under the watchful eyes of the public and the cameras. And it gets sad when the social media takes their personal life on a troll.

As you read through, it is evident that Rajnikanth and Dhanush are the pillars of her life and of the book. The 35 chapters will keep you hooked on. Aishwarya’s easy style of writing makes it a breezy read that you can flip through the 170 pages in one go.

What makes this book worth reading is  – her efforts in sharing a few personal incidents that are inspirational. For a maiden attempt at writing, Aishwarya Rajnikanth has done a good job.




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