Cometh The Hour – Jeffrey Archer

The penultimate book of the Clifton Chronicles takes the readers through a rush of happenings set in the mid 1970’s  in the UK, India, East Berlin and Moscow and the lives of characters that have formed the very base of Clifton saga. Can Archer deliver yet another thrilling installment of the Clifton family ? Read on to know more…

Cometh The Hour

Author: Jeffrey Archer

Pages:  404

Format: Hardcover

Kindleandkompass Rating: 3/5

Emma Clifton is fighting a legal case that can lead to the rise or fall of the empire that she chairs. Will that single piece of evidence, a lone suicide note, tip the balance in the favor? Even if she knows it can save them all, will she be willing to sacrifice her brothers political career to save herself and the company ? The very first few chapters raise Emma Clifton in our minds as a pure soul, one that is willing to sacrifice great things for her dearest people – for the three men who are the most important in her life.

Harry Clifton, the famed author of “Uncle Joe” has been working on his life’s mission of setting Anatoly Babakov free from the confines of the Soviet Regime. Will his pen turn out to be mightier than the sword?

Lady Virginia Fenwick, the ever plotting daughter of the Earl of Fenwick lands herself into bankruptcy by fighting a libel case against the advise of her legal. But does she learn from it? Well, no – her schemes now extent to sinking her teeth into a very wealthy american and exploiting him to ends that he would never imagine. How long will she keep her ploy.

Giles Barrington’s political career is at cross roads after what was mentioned of him and Karin in the suicide note but he has already won the heart and soul of many that it is impossible for him to entirely back out from active politics. His personal life is going on a sky high after he rescued his damsel in distress from East Berlin – but was she really waiting to be rescued or is she a spy in disguise?

Sebastian finally meets someone after the heartbreak he suffered with Samantha. But can his new love materialize. Priya Ghuman hails from a traditional Hindu family and her family would kill rather than let her marry a man of another faith. How far can one go to claim their love – even the best laid plans may not work.

Farthings is suffering from a major setback after the disgruntled ex directors of Barrington have successfully plotted to send Hakim Bishara behind the bars. Will the Bank survive this tumultuous period and find out who was behind the evil plot to thwart the Farthings-Kaufman merger.

This installment of Archer’s Clifton family chronicles is yet another testament to the goodwill and the good naturedness of the Barringtons and Cliftons. The members of the family support each other and are ready to go to great measures to protect each other from harms way.

What was missing was the amount of suspense and thrill that would have been naturally expected off Archer’s novels. There is little left to guesswork throughout and the plot lacks twists and turns that can capture the audience. The novel falls short of great dialogues and character portrayals. Barring Sebastian’s valorous episode in India to retrieve the love of his life, there is very little scope for excitement and suspense throughout the novel.

Kindleandkompass goes with a 3/5 for “Cometh the Hour” for the brief episodes of excitement it promised in India and later in Sweden. Beyond that, we really hope Jeffrey Archer will be able to impress us better in the last and final installment of Clifton family saga.

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