Letters from Kargil- The War Through Our Soldiers’ Eyes

1999.The year when the Pakistani soldiers infiltrated into the Indian side of the Line of Control. Conflict rose. A War broke out. Victory for India. Gallantry awards for the soldiers and the martyrs.We saluted and showed our respect .And then, we moved on with our everyday life. But, there were women who lost their husbands, mothers who lost their sons, children who lost their father. “Letters from Kargil “ revisits their memories,speaks how the war took their loved ones for once and never to return.

Author: Diksha Dwivedi

Publisher : Juggernaut

Pages:  180

Format: Paperback

Kindleandkompass Rating: 5/5

Letters from Kargil is no novel for a pleasure read; a collection of letters, personally written by the soldiers who sacrificed their lives,defending the nation. The author was 8years old spending her summer holidays with her mother and sister. When they return home, she is surprised to see her entire family waiting to receive them . Later, she learns  that her father was martyred at the Kargil war. The book speaks about how the war was waged and moves on to say what awaited the brave men at the battlefield.

“If I die in Combat Zone. Box me up and ship me home, Pin my medals all over my chest, Tell my mom I did my best”

It is heart-wrenching to read those letters. The letters in the book makes it evident how the soldiers worried about their family and their dear ones even while they were facing the enemies and combating an insane war under atrocious weather conditions. Some letters were so touchy that will make your eyes wet with tears.

An excerpt from the book:

” Major Adhikari was one of the casualties of the Tololing. He had just received a letter from his beloved wife. ‘ I want to read it in peace tomorrow after the operation is over,’ he had said, stuffing his wife’s letter in his pocket before going for the attack with his ten-men team to secure an initial foothold at point 4590 on Tololing on May 30.” He was martyred. “It took many attempts before his body could be rescued. The letter from his beloved remained with him in his pocket, the letter he didn’t know he’d never get to read.” His courage paved the way for the capture of Tololing


 As civilians, we would have never given a deeper thought about the soldiers. There are wars fought and won, lives lost, martyrs born, but it is quite easy for everyone to move on with their daily chores soon after. This book is a memory, a tribute to all the brave lives lost defending the country, of their sacrifice and gallantry. The words in this book are bound to linger in your mind for a long time. A definite must read and a must have in your book-shelf.

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