Camping above the clouds in Vagamon with Exoticamp

When you are stung by the travel bug, you cannot think about spending a long weekend at the comfort of your couch. You start googling for places, follow trip planners and advisers on Facebook for getaways. And that’s how a calendar event on Facebook posted by  the Exoticamp caught our attention- Camping above the clouds at Vagamon. Camping is something that we always enjoyed, so with not much of pondering over, tickets were booked and the backpacks were readied. Read on to know how the camping experience turned out to be.



  • A simple itinerary, filled with fun and safety. They have a super enthusiastic team who ensures you receive the best out of the camping activity, with utmost safety. The hosts are meticulous, well organized and always on their toes 
  • Their camping event is the most economical choice for a weekend getawayExoticmp-vagamon2
  • This is an opportunity to re-connect with nature in a new environment by going far away from the milling tourist crowd.There is no boating on the lake, no peanut sellers and stalls selling tea garden’s produce. Forget hot-served beds and lavish meals
  • Scenic 2 hours ride through the tea plantations and meadows to the camp spot in a jeep. I HAVE to mention about the seasoned drivers who maneuvered the jeep along the hilly bends with a flairVagamon
  • Wander along the mountain trails with a torch and umbrella, take a dip in the mountain stream, savor the local Kerala cuisine under the star-studded sky and campfire stories. Get drenched,if you are lucky enough.All this sounds magical to someone who’s spent their life with meetings and maddening traffic.
  • Be prepared to shed your modern trappings and de-stress from your everyday life, living off the grid. Nothing, but your cameras work at their campsite. It is such a boonVagamon valley
  • Wake-up to the beautiful sunrise and valley view, wind ruffling your hair and the crisp chill mountain air with zero pollution. On windy rainy nights, you may feel something banging your tents. It’s nothing to be worried about

Vagamon campspot

  • Camping carted towards everyone. The trip starts with a formal “hi, hellos”, but we bet you will find people of all age groups and biding bye is not going to be easyVagamon trails
  • On a non-rainy day, every stretch of their camp site/base camp is a photographer’s delight. Every picture you click will make others envious

Exoticamp campspot

Having said enough about the camping, kindleandkompass is not attempting to cajole you, but making best efforts in taking you to the lesser-know places.


Vagamon is still not commercialized, bustling with crowd, shops selling homemade chocolates and produce from the tea factories.The British touched almost every other hill station in India and gave them the elite status except for a few like Vagamon. Lest it joins the bandwagon of the popular destinations.

If you wish to spend a weekend amidst the clouds and the no-lousy crowd, Vagamon with Exoticamp is the ideal one. Reach out to them for camping adventures and do not forget to follow us on Instagram @kindleandkompass to stay tuned to our updates.

 P.S : This post is based on personal experience and not a sponsored post.However,we have used a few pictures from Exoticamp as the rainy weather did not favor us to click pictures.

Image Credits: Exoticamp & Berin’s Click





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