That time of the year…


It is that time of the year again

While singles whine,couples dine and wine

That time of the year

When the new year resolutions dwindles and we fall for cupid’s drama

That time of the year

When words and hugs give a fake hope leaving you sleepless in fantasy

That time of year

Its heart-ins and roses in red everywhere

That time of the year

We lament about our moms not warning us about the pain in falling in love

That time of the year

When we blindly fall in love again!

They call it the month of love, the shortest month of the year.

Because love is short lived. ???

Why confine love only to the month of February?!

How about loving ourselves a little ? doing  something that we love to ?More often that will be a reason to wake up with a smile..

More love to come..







  1. That time of the year when there is so much pressure. There are pictures of happy couples with babies everywhere that you feel like a loser for being single. February is indeed a weird month


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