To all the women, with love

So here we are, at yet another International Women’s Day. The day where the world goes gaga about how precious women are, the work spaces celebrate the women in their midst, the various shops and sites run women’s day sales and promotions and a few of the lucky ones may get roses and gifts honoring their values and virtues.

For the newer generation, the history of struggle for gender parity and equal rights is almost as good as over, but the ones from the earlier generations know only too well that the ingrained complexities of patriarchy are far from over. We see the higher penetration of women into board rooms, political offices and other avenues and more than often believe that we have shattered the myth of the glass ceiling. But have we really?

The International Women’s Day happens on March 8th every year where the world celebrates the women in their life. We on the other hand need to learn to celebrate the woman in us every single day of the year.

Both of us grew up in conservative backgrounds where we were told about how to dress, behave and live. Travel and reading has taught us things about life that nothing else ever did before. It opened new avenues for us, showed us a perspective that we lacked prior to this. While we believe that a lot of values that were taught to us are definitely important, we no longer believe that is the single code of conduct that rules the life of women.

From being book worms and the studious first benchers we were in college, we evolved to become what the present day world lovingly labels as “Rebels”. What changed wasn’t really our moral or value systems, but rather our outlook on life and people around us. We learned to appreciate the world around us, be less judgmental, show empathy and love and to give more chances to ourselves.

The world taught us that there is a lot to explore and dream. Live your today like there is no tomorrow. Get out, get that weird/messy hair style done, buy that dress you really liked, watch that movie in the theater, get out with your buddies, travel the world and shop till you drop. We know a lot of people who have often asked us how do we find time for everything we do. We find time. Period. There are people who often asked us how much we shop. To all the men out there – if we never shopped and dressed the way we do, would your world be as colorful as it is today? So accept us the way we are – enjoy the colors we bring into your life.

More than often we are hard on ourselves. We believe in the limitations the society has set for us. We slut shame our female friends who happen to have more male friends, we judge the ones who chose not to marry, chose not to have children or chose to separate from their spouses. We judge the women who party, socialize, travel and work leaving their children in the day care. We may not know their story, we do not care to know, but when the world judges, we join in and sing the same song. It is time we bring an end to that. The world needs to move on and stop being judgmental. The limitations to a woman’s dreams resides in her mind. In what her society has taught her. It is time we end that and move on. Do your bit to ensure that the future for women and girls is bright, safe and rewarding. Teach your daughters to be independent and capable. Teach your sons to respect the independence and dignity of women.

Perfect is not normal. Perfect is boring. Create memories. Dream, discover and be free. Fall in love, make friends, get out and see the world around you. Live your today like there is no tomorrow.

We wish all the women a Happy International Women’s Day and a huge thank you to all the men in our lives who have recognized our worth and value and loved us for who we really are.

To all the strong women – May we know them, May we raise them, May we be them…


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