April Wrap Up

We are here this time presenting mini reviews on the books we read this month. This is the first time attempting mini reviews and hope to come up with one wrap up post every month.So this April, with a little bit of travel, we managed to read a few books.

  • Remember me by Sophie Kinsella – This book came as a gift from my colleague friend. I had gone to meet her for the first time in 10 years, empty hands( shameless me) but she was sweet enough to gift me what I love. So getting back to the review, Sophie Kinsella has been my favorite author when it comes to chick lit. Remember me is about a Lexi who wakes up in a hospital bed losing 3 years of her life.She now has a life that was a dream. She is surprised to know about her husband who looks like an Armani model. And she gets to know about Jon who claims that they were having an affair. Now it’s pages and pages of Lexi trying to figure out the lost memories and whom she really loves.Not as refreshing and funny as Sophie’s other books.
  • Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts -This one is from the library. Nora Robert never disappoints you with her story plot or characters. This time the story spins around the haunted Manet house, a Declan Fitzgerald(an ex-lawyer from Boston) and Angelena a bayou girl. The two of them get dreams about Lucian and Abygail , the people who lived in the mansion a 100 yrs before. Abygail gets murdered. Lucian kills himself by drowning in a pond. There is mystery , ghosts, romance, re-incarnation and the story goes back and forth narrating the past and the present. Nora doesn’t let you miss that grip.An entertaining read.
  • This delicious life by Lekshmi Gopinath – I found this on a random Kindle search. Books with an interesting story plot, characters make it a good read for your mind. This one is a book with story and characters spun around the love for food.  This feliciode food not just for tummy, but for our mind and soul.A strong minded Radha who is the village sarpanch, Vishal and able district Collector who is determined to serve people, Matilda a food blogger, entrepreneur who has lost her mom and in a quest , Gerry a nomadic football player. They happen to meet each other at Iraalpatinam , an idylic set fishing village in South India.These characters splutter together and add the right seasoning to the delicacy called life. A differently written book with the chapters named after delicacies. I am sure this book will not just leave a smile as you read, but make you thoughtful about food, life,love and let your tummies growl. Book lovers and foodies , don’t miss this one.Well, I am now craving for ‘akkaravadisal’.

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I am taking a break for a few days before I get my hands on a few non fictions.So what are you reading this April??

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