Food Hopping in the Streets of Charlevoix and Harbor Springs

No trip is ever complete without savoring the flavors of the local cuisines. There is always that place which makes the perfect coffee, the most delicious fudges, pies or pastries. Or it could be the place itself, that makes you experience food in a different way with its ambiance, location or people. No matter where you go, do not miss to experiment with the food options that every town has to offer. In this post, we give you our top picks from our recent trip to northern Michigan through Traverse City Harbor Spring and Charlevoix.

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Trillium Woods Antiques and Espresso Coffee Shop, M119 Tunnel of Trees

A drive through the tunnel of trees is a not to miss item on every travelers bucket list while visiting northern Michigan. The upper shore drive takes you through the scenic roads covered by trees on the coast of Lake Michigan. It is in this scenic road that we found a tiny yet beautiful place for coffee and snacks – The Sweet Trillium.

Tunnel of trees, Sweet trillium Cafe

This place can get packed and since coffees are custom made, it may take a while to get your order done. Believe us when we say it is worth the wait!

Tunnel of trees, Sweet Trillium Cafe

They also have a single room up for grabs for rented stay hosted on VRBO. So should you consider staying in this place,  you would find more details here.

Harwood Gold Café

If we were asked to rank the places we were to in Downtown Charlevoix, this would invariably be our top pick for a coffee and quick bite.

Cafes in Charlevoix

The dark coffee brews were exactly what we needed for the long drive back and the chicken/beef pies that went along with it were simply the most delicious.  Add to it, the wonderful ambiance and we have our winner!

Cafes in Charlevoix

That French Place, Downtown Charlevoix

Our search for the best crepes in Michigan ends here. Period. Our visit to downtown Charlevoix would never have been complete without the amazing crepes that are made here. The banana and chocolate crepe remains our top favorite with the spinach/cheese crepe not too far behind. Highly recommended!

Small Batch – An entertaining Food Experience,Harbor Springs

True to its name, we found this shop densely packed with goodies.

Cafes in Harbor Spring

We were greeted by the most welcoming hosts who were kind enough to answer every single(silly) question we had.

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Cafes in Harbor Springs

The store was filled up with décor and syrups and other homemade eatables and we could have spent hours here looking and still not have seen everything.

Cafes in Harbor Spring

We reached here during October, so every nook and corner was decked for Halloween – and none of them were creepy!

Cafes in Harbor Spring

Instead every single product presented here was in the most artistic way,matching the style of Harbor Springs. We tried muffins and quiche and just like everything else in the store, these were fabulous too.

Turkeys Café and Pizzeria, Harbor Springs

A lunch here with the custom made pizzas is bound to delight anyone with a hungry stomach. We were so glad to have finally reached found this place with amazing hosts.

Cafes in Harbor Spring

The small place was packed, but the hosts were doing everything possible to make everyone feel at home and eat to their hearts content.

Cafes in Harbor Spring

The tastefully done outdoor seating is a warm and welcoming sight on a bright sunny day for all guests and visitors to the downtown.

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Cafes in Harbor Spring

Stained Cup Coffee Company, Harbor Springs

Yet another coffee place on the main streets of downtown Harbor Springs. Art goes with every place in Harbor Springs and this place is no exception. The rustic look of the place welcomes every coffee lover to sip on one of their various coffees on cold autumn days.

Cafes in Harbor Spring

We will continue to keep this post updated as we continue our journey to bring our experiences to you.

Meanwhile, Charlevoix,  Harbor Springs and Traverse city of the Michigan Upper Peninsula feature among the best fall destinations in USA. Follow the link if you would like to read more about them. If you love enjoying small quaint towns in Michigan, Frankenmuth is yet another beautiful German town further south.

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments column below or if you think there is a place we should try, feel free to share with us.

Meanwhile, you can read more about our trip through these beautiful towns here.

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