July Read Wrap-Up

I did not accomplish a lot of reading in July. Blame my phone fidgeting habits!That was eating up my reading time. I had to discipline myself ,restrict my phone usage and spend more time doing things productive. So, I decided to keep the wifi off after 10 and keep my phone even far away from my bed.Anyhow, I managed to finish three books and I struggled still with the 3rd book for July untill yesterday.So,here I am with the mini reviews.

1.The PCOD – Thyroid Book by Rujuta Diwekar

Ok, so for those of you who do not know Rujuta Diwekar is, she is a celebrity nutritionist,Winner of the ‘Nutrition Award’ from ASIAN INSTITUTE OF GASTROENTEROLOGY.Rujuta is amongst the most qualified and sought-after sports science and nutrition expert in the country and the only nutritionist to have associate membership from SPORTS DIETITIANS, AUSTRALIA.

Now about the book,this is a short read that provides an insight on PCOD and hypothyroidism. Rujuta bursts the myths around fad diets and the weight loss gimmicks.If you’ve read her earlier books, you’d be able to see a lot of information repetitive and is there any harm in reading good information twice?  Her use of English is very easy, but there is a lavish usage of colloquial words and that “Know-it-all” attitude in her tone is quite displeasing. This book can be used more like a guide by those who swallow the early morning thyroid pills. I’d recommend this not just for people going through hormonal imbalance, but to everyone who wants to have a disciplined eating habit and a healthy lifestyle. Giving it a 3.5/5

2.An Unsuitable Boy by Karan Johar

This book is a quick easy-breezy memoir by the iconic Bollywood director Karan Johar. An unsuitable boy is outspoken, honest and heartwarming. KJo never fails to entertain!A detailed review can be found here.

3. The Hungry Tide by Amitav Gosh

This book is set in the archipelago of the Sundarbands, located in the eastern part of India. Amitav beautifully pictures the less read and explored part of the Sundarbans, the mangroves, the crocodiles and tigers of the tide country and the small islands that becomes the home for the refugees of the Bangladeshi rebellion that once took place in the 70s. His style of narration is slow with too much of detailing,yet mesmerising. If you think you can devour this book in a single go, I’d say it is going to be a challenge. Kanai, Piya, Fokir, Nilima and Nirmal are the main characters in the book and you cannot stop yourself from falling in love with Piya and Fokir. They’ll leave you in awe. The grief in the death of one of the characters is somehow dealt in brief. And it ends abruptly. But the hungry tide is for sure to take you through a magical journey of incredible human relationships with a mix of mythical stories, history and a bit of imagination. Highly recommended and so giving it a 4.5/5

Ok, so that is it for the month of July. As August is the month dedicated to commemorate the founding of the city Madras aka Chennai, I have picked 2 books based on this city which I used to be fond of as a kid and which is now I call my home.

Stay connected to see how my reading goes in August.

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  1. Interesting selection.I think that it does’t hurt to scale back on reading and focus on other things sometimes. 🙂


  2. 3 books isn’t bad at all really, and you shouldn’t really use your phone within an hours/30 mins of going to bet because of blue light causing restless sleep patterns and whatnot. I charge my phone downstairs now so it doesn’t bother me.


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