The Eternal World By Christopher Farnsworth

The universal gift that you can give anyone would undoubtedly be a book for reading.
So when I received Eternal World and Viper Wine from a friend for my last birthday, I couldn’t be happier.Though I do not read pure fiction these days, these books were a welcome relief to the reading slump that I had since the beginning of 2018.

Author : Christopher Farnsworth

Pages : 360

Format  : Hard Cover

This is a story cutting across years from the early 1500s to present day. The story travels across the ancient times when Spanish conquistadors landed on the shores of what is now known as Florida in search of ancient treasures. Simon Oliver is a young conquistador who has fought lot many battles and has sworn an oath to the King. However, this journey changes the course of his life when he is rescued and healed from fatal wounds by a woman called Shako from the Uzita tribe. Uzitas are the descendants of the Water tribe and hides lot many secrets and the greatest among them all – The Fountain of Youth – to which they are sworn guardians.

But will the secret remain a secret after Simon with his new found closeness to Shako find the source of their healing powers. Simon’s ambitions and dreams to put the water from the Fountain of Youth to use its immortal properties to build a better world by staying alive across centuries and controlling the world using money and forging allegiances results in a lot of blood- shed, starting with the slaughter of the entire Uzita tribe. Shako however survived and vows revenge for every family member she lost.

The story moves across centuries from early 1500s to present day with Shako continually hunting Simon and his group of friends to exact revenge – all of them staying alive with the miraculous Water from the fountain. But now the source of Water is depleting and Simon needs to find a genius who can crack the code of Water and create it synthetically. Enter young Doctor Robinton with the brains of a genius who as expected breaks the code and recreates the formula that can fix depleting cells and freeze one in their best youth and health. But is that the solution or just the start of whole lot of problems as Shako finds him in her new avatar and uses David to reach Simon and his team.

KindleandKompass Verdict: 

Rating : 3.5/5

The book weaves back and forth across the centuries always upping element of excitement and surprise. This book is a work of pure fiction and should be read as such. The characters are explained beautifully and despite their selfish motives, you cannot but help fall in love with Simon and Shako. Farnsworth leaves a few questions in everyone’s minds with this intriguing story – Is it worth to live eternally ? If it is achievable, what does one fear because there is no longer the fear of death ? What happens to the morality and justice in the world ? All in all, a great book for fiction lovers.

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