What Kitty Did ? – Trisha Bora

A rave review about “What Kitty did?” on another blog urged me to pick this book. It sounded a lot like fun and wit. Did it fare? Read on to know more.

Author: Tirsha Bora

Publisher : Harper Collins

Pages : 306

Format  : Paper back

Kindleandkompass rating : 3.5/5

Ketaki Roy @ Kitty is a millennial , working as a journalist in a fashion magazine in Delhi. She has her gang of  friends to save her from  heartbreaks to everyday hangover. She is roped in to work about a deceased actress Roxanne Merchant with a  hint of promotion,but that soon divulges into a potential murder investigation led by one of Roxy’s friends. The rest of the story is how Kitty solves the mystery behind Roxy’s death.

The book is wholesomely pop-cultured. The life of a 20 something urban poor is well described with the right concoction of wit and sarcasm.There is an ex-boyfriend ‘scum’, a pushy mother,a friendly boss Danny, the handsome and sensible Kabir, the pervert Ronny Verma nicknamed ‘elderly’, her whole bunch of friends who are as chaotic as kitty and then the Merchant family – they make the crew of Bora’s book.

Kitty goes on trespassing, random auto rides, shuttling between the markets in Delhi,boozing and partying amidst all the freaking anonymous messages she receives from the piece of ‘big-work’ she is involved in.It becomes more of Kitty’s adventure in the capital city and the last few pages are where the murder mystery is revealed by the protagonist herself. And,do not be surprised to see Kitty switching over to another profession at the end of the book and hook-up with the six-feet tall, handsome guy!


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Bora’s language is lucid and she adds the right amount of fun, sarcasm and puns. The conversations between Kitty and her friends are sometimes too dramatic.Parties, booze and dialogues are predominant,sidetracking the actual narration of the plot. The mystery and the suspense element is handled with less seriousness.

Kitty and her friends will be relatable to many women in the early 20s, who are confused and clumsy.With a bunch of chaotic characters, kitty comes as a respite when you are stressed or taking life too serious. Overall, a refreshing read!

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