On The Open Road – Stuti Changle

Author: Stuti Changle

Publisher : Amazon Digital Services

Pages : 214

Format  : Paper back

Kindleandkompass rating : 4.5/5

The debut novel by Stuti Changle is about the dreams of  the younger generation,their bold move towards taking up entrepreneurship and their empowering journey.

The story has Myra, a Mumbai-kar leading a 9-5 sober life as a software engineer who wants to own a startup with her friends. Kabir, a rich man who runs his family business, travels business class and enjoys all the fortunes of life. But he wants to start a business on his own with his friend Sandy. Sandy@ Sandeepan is a college dropout, but a tech geek.He is super cool.Then we have Ramy, the guardian angel, who inspires all the three and many others who has an aspiration to achieve, through his blog “On the open road”. The story revolves around the 3-ordinary people who wants to start a journey on their own.

This book voices the struggles faced by the younger generation who wants to give life to their dreams and passion. The difficulties, the ups and downs in the making of an entrepreneur and the power of social media in their lives gets neatly pictured . The author has also portrayed the challenges faced by women who want to live a life of their dream.It has never been a rosy path for a woman and is still not one.

Somewhere between right and wrong, past and future, there lies now. Don’t let it go. For now, often leads to a new road.

The book serves as a high dose of motivation for anyone who would want to pursue entrepreneurship. It makes you self-introspect if you really love the job you do and if you really have a life that you dream about. Stuti has narrated the story with all the necessary ingredients and thereby this is an un-putdownable read.

 The style of narration is simple and crisp. There are places where it appears that the author has missed a few details in detailing the scene. The chapters are written from the standpoint of either of the 3 main characters. The quotes at the beginning of every chapter speaks mostly of reality and worth making a note. There are places where life lesson gets a little too much. The last few pages of the book have a suspense which turns out to be unexpectedly pleasant.Overall, a short inspiring read which will motivate us to chase our dreams and believe in our own selves.

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Note: This book was sent to us for review by the promotional team and that by no means has an impact on the review.

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