2020 – Adieu

2020, what have you been ???!!!

I remember you dawned like every other year with new resolutions and goals. But the pandemic dropped on us like a bomb ,smashing away all the hope, leaving 2020 with absolute uncertainty . Now at the flag end of a wretched year, in my lounge wear and a messy hair-bun ,I’m moving from room to room with a  dust pan and a broom in hand in an attempt to clean up all the mess this year had caused. Under the cots I bend down to see a mote of dust, mixed with some forgotten resolutions and the regrets throwing a sheepish smile at me.

I open my wardrobe to catch a whiff from the  apple cinnamon potpourri pouch. I spot a little web entangled amidst my now ill-fitting work clothes . They deviously accuse me of my unfulfilled goals. I pull  out the carpet under the coffee table to vacuum the hidden pain that piled up during this year and then I clean the coffee table dusting the daily journal that has remnants of some memories from February when shopping was fun despite nursing a bruised ankle and knee . I see that stained tea cup there on the dining table brewing with anger , for she was only made to witness the pastel colors and sunset every single day for 10 months.

I also see blurred shadows of anxiety sitting on my arm chair, staring at me. I see exhaustion cunningly sitting on my work desk ,that needs to be scrubbed off immediately.

I am going to pick them all, trash them to the bin or maybe make a bonfire at my backyard and sit beside to keep me warm this December. I will feel light at heart but who knows this may again return,slithering like a venomous snake .So, I expect nothing fancy and elaborate for 2021, but …

I yearn for simplicity & good old easy days.

I yearn to replace prime & hot-star  with abundant sleep

I yearn to replace Instagram & Facebook with books

I yearn to replace social media influencers with inspiring friends

I yearn to replace complaining with acceptance

I yearn to replace over thinking with remarkable actions

And I yearn for simple love, little hope and a good amount of well-being- ness.

Adieu 2020 , the year that had only greys and hopefully looking for a year that’s vivid in glorious technicolor panorama.

– xoxo

N & R

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